Boy with Dog Solar Bird Bath 13.5"H

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Boy with Dog Solar Bird Bath from Joseph's Studio.  Charming and playful, this statue of a child playing with his paper sail boat in a bird bath exudes the figurative excellence of the artists at Joseph's Studio.  Made of a resin-stone mix.  The Boy is finished in muted pastel colors while the dog is finished in full color.  A lovely statue for your garden or yard.

  • Dimensions 13.5"H 12"W 13"L
  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Materials Resin Stone Mix
  • Finished in a combination of muted pastels and full color
  • Shipping info: 31"H 16"W 16"L - 13 lbs
  • Outdoor use
As with any outdoor item, this statue must be protected from ice and snow. Do not allow item to stand in ice, do not allow ice to form in any area where water may collect. Statue must be covered if left outdoors during the winter and periods of freeze in order to avoid cracking and other damage. Direct sunlight will cause weathering and fading.