Life Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"H

Life Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"H
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Life Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"HLife Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"HLife Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"H
Life Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"HLife Size Saint Francis with Doves 66"H 

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Our largest St. Francis of Assisi statue, stands 66 inches high.  It will be a beautiful addition to a church court yard, a formal garden or other religious setting.  In this inspiring statue of the founder of the Franciscan order, the patron saint of animals is gently holding a dove in the left hand, while carrying a second dove on his shoulder.  Displaying a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi is the perfect way to recognize our connection to nature and the animal kingdom.  Whether you are looking for a religious statue that will uplift, inspire, or comfort, St. Francis is always a meaningful choice.   Crafted from a patented eight step manufacturing process using the highest-grade fiberglass resin and innovative technology which makes this statue light weight and incredibly durable.  Maintained properly, the statue's finish never fades, cracks or chips and it retains its original beauty for many, many years.  For outdoor use see Product Care below.

  • Weight 90 lbs
  • Dimensions 66"H 25"W 23"L
  • Material Painted Fiberglass Resin
  • For indoor or outdoor use (see Product Care for Outdoor use)
  • Shipping weight 160 lbs
  • Crated for safe shipping
  • Ships by truck.
  • Overseas shipping available.


Product Care:

Protect your investment. Place in a secure, shady location. As with any outdoor item, this statue must be protected from ice and snow. Do not allow item to stand in ice, do not allow ice to form in any area where water may collect. Statue must be covered if left outdoors during the winter and periods of freeze in order to avoid cracking and other damage. Direct sunlight will cause weathering and fading.


Many of our large nativity sets and outdoor decoration items are too large for UPS or FedEx and must be delivered by truck. The average cost of this kind of shipping is from 10% to 20% of the product cost in the Eastern US and from 20% to 30% of the product cost in the Western US. Costs to deliver to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are higher, as are any foreign deliveries. Shipment costs to businesses, municipalities and churches may be discounted, so please let us know, up front, who you are buying for.

Use these average percentages to calculate your landed costs for this item.

Freight rates are greatly affected by the cost of gasoline and diesel and therefore change weekly and sometimes daily. Please call our Logistics Department on the toll free number 888 900 2070 for an actual shipping quote which will be good for 30 days.

When you call us please give us your name, telephone number, zip code or postal code, item number(s) and who you are buying for, if for a Church, Municipality or Business.