St. Joseph Statues

St. Joseph the worker, husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus, descended from David (King of Isreal). Our collection of Saint Joseph statues in includes statues from the Italian craftsmen at Fontanini.  These fine statues are made of marble-based resin.  A remarkable example is the 40-inch Saint Joseph statue which is imported from Italy. The rich colors, detail, and fine workmanship of this St Joseph statue would make it an inspiring addition to any garden, church courtyard, or institutional lobby. St. Joseph is depicted holding the baby Jesus in one arm and a bunch of Lilies in the other.   From Fonanini we also offer the St. Joseph Home Sales kit. Legend tells St. Joseph will help sell your home. 

From Joseph's Studio we carry a 20" Saint Joseph.  This statue is made of a resin-stone mix and finished in a natural stone look, mading it ideal for the outdoors.