St. Francis and the Birds

Near the hills of Sienna, Saint Francis saw a boy coming into the market place with a small cage filled with doves. The boy had snared the birds and was planning to sell them.

St. Francis and the Monkey

Saint Francis awoke early as usual. St. Francis dressed quickly so that he could hurry off to the woods for his morning walk. Darkness was giving way to light as Saint Francis crossed the beautiful gardens of the Monastery of Assissi with its religious statues and fountains...

St. Francis and the Wolf

A long time ago the town of Gubbio was being harassed a vicious wolf. It all started when a few sheep began to disappear late at night.

St. Francis Fountain

Saint Francis was walking along, from one village to another, sharing the gospel with all who would listen, be they people, birds, wolves or fishes! One day he fell in with a well respected nobleman who had a retinue of servants travelling with him.

The Nativity Scene and St. Francis of Assisi

Although drawings and paintings existed earlier, St. Francis of Assisi is credited with the invention of three dimensional nativity scenes. He used real people and living animals to illustrate the scene.